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Storage with A/c rates in our nha be facility 

Storage By The Piece - 450,000₫ ($19) / month.  Typical 'pieces' are shown below, 20% discount for 3 months+

Storage By Cubic Meter (CBM) this facility requires a minimum advance payment of 2 months & a minimum of 2 CBM.:

2cbm+: 350,000₫ ($15) / cbm per month.

20% discount for 3 months or 3 CBM (just 280k / cbm)

30% discount for 6 months or 6 CBM  (just 245k / cbm)

35% discount for 9 months or 9 CBM  (just 228k / cbm)

Storage By The Shelf  - We also offer shelves for you to fill & access as you please.

Full Shelf (3CBM) - 1,000,000₫ per month

1/2 Shelf (1.5CBM) - 500,000₫ per month

storage by the piece
Monthly: 450,000₫ ($19)
6+ Months: 300,000₫ ($12)

1 Month 700k ₫ ($30)

Transport Fee's()

Please note, these are typical fee's which may differ depending on
pick up, volume & weight of items etc.  

Transport for passengers & luggage to hotels is available for a surcharge depending on the location.


Tan Son Nhat Airport transit is to the domestic terminal.  

Got another storage offer?  We'll beat any quote by a minimum of 15% for storage of an equal quality.


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