Home contents Storage

From a box to a house full, from a day to years, we can safely store your furniture & belongings at the best rates. 

Your items will be stored in our clean, secure storage rooms on purpose built shelving,   Our building benefits from CCTV, alarms,  metal security doors & staff are present 24/7.  Each room is kept at a steady temperature with a relative humidity (RH) of 30-40%. 


We do not use AC & the reason is simple - it's not needed!  In our 5 years of operation we have never had any issue with mildew, vermin or moisture due to constant air flow, dehumidifiers & dessicant bags.  We have also never experienced loss, theft or damage to a clients belongings. 

Due to security & privacy of our clients, only designated staff may enter our storage rooms.  However, should you need access to your items, we can bring them to our reception area or deliver to you.  When you're finished, we'll return them to storage.

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Self Storage Vietnam

luggage Storage & Personal lockers

We are the luggage storage experts & can safely store your luggage for as long as needed.  Pick up & delivery service from/to your hotel, the airport or anywhere you need.  We can also deliver your luggage to your door in other cities in Vietnam or ship internationally.

Our locker room has 71 lockers in total, large lockers (80x70x60cm) capable of storing 2 check in luggage & medium lockers (60x60x35cm) capable of storing 1 carry on luggage +.  Fill them as you please, access when you want plus dedicated space to repack or sort your belongings.  

Luggage Storage Vietnam

Domestic & International shipping


A very popular service for those traveling Vietnam, store with us & travel, we can then ship your luggage to your door.  From Saigon (HCMC) to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Danang, Hue, Hanoi etc.


Shipping within Vietnam from 25,000VND/kg for door to door service & takes 2 - 4 days.  Please note, bulky items

such as mattresses are subject to an additional handling fee. 


Internationally, the price depends on location & volume.  Currently we ship by air, shipping by sea is available but

equires a minimum of 5 cubic meters.


Saigon storage home moving

We offer a full moving & packing service.  We will meet you to discuss your requirements & provide a quotation.  We' have experience in moving the contents of 1 bedroom apartments right up to large villas.  Our packing service ensures your belongings are safe & protected.  We can even store for you until you are ready to move to your new home.

Our rate is an affordable 950,000VND/hr, in our quotation we will give an estimation of duration with a 

maximum cost.  Visit Saigon Move for more relocation information.

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Saigon storage Airport Pick up

We'll meet you at the airport to collect your luggage or to escort you to your place of stay.  We can even arrange tours & viewings of properties for rent.  A full introduction to Vietnam right from when you arrive!

Saigon Airport Pick Up

Home Clearance

Bought or rented a new home & want the previous occupants belongings removed?  We can help!  We offer a full service to clear unwanted items & can even arrange deep cleaning of homes.  Have your home ready & cleaned for you or your new tenants.  Please email us for further information.