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international shipping

Saigon Storage has a proven track record in safely shipping belongings worldwide at very competitve rates.

By air we work with established, well known brands & due to being regular customers, we are able to offer far more attractive rates than going direct.

By sea, we work with partners to send part containers or full containers up to 40 foot.  We can arrange for  delivery of your items to your door but at this time we do not offer unpacking in your destination country.

In Vietnam, we deliver ourselves in or near Saigon.  For the rest of Vietnam, we send by train & our partners deliver to your address.  We can also have accompany shipments to Hanoi & unpack etc.


How it works

For each type of shipping, we can visit your home to discuss your needs & provide an estimate.  If you decide to proceed, we:

1) Pack at your home to shipping standard

2) Provide the total due (for air)

3) Ship to your destination

4) Update you of the progress

5) Notify you of the arrival day & time.

Shipping Weight

understanding shipping weight

It is important to understand how the weight of your shipment is calculated, this applies mostly to air shipping.  Very simply, the actual weight of your boxes is not the weight that is charged.  Like all shipping providers, we have to use the dimensional weight also referred to as volumetric weight.

This means that the space that something occupies is charged for.  For example, imagine a balloon, it has no weight but occupies space so that is charged for.  We typically use boxes that are 20-30kg, this means that regardless of the weight they are charged for the space they occupy.  If a 20kg box weighs 18kg, it is still charged as 20kg.  The only exception is if it is over weight, in which case the actual weight is used.  So a 20kg capacity box weighing 22kg would be charged as 22kg.

To calculate this shipping weight, the equation is: 



Other points to note when shipping:

1) Customs & excise at the destination may tax your shipment, we have no control over this nor do we interact with customs in other countries.  We will advise you before agreeing to ship.

2) Due to security, we inspect the contents of your shipment & pack it to shipping standard.  Our packing has been praised on many occasions for protecting items & maximising the use of space.

3) Wooden articles need to be fumigated for some countries, this incurs an extra fee.

4) Insurance is included for sea shipping.

5) Some items cannot be shipped, however this varies from shipment to shipment.  

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