Got a hunger craving?  We know how that feels so we compiled this list of our favorite places, the places we head to when we know exactly what we need.   If you'd like to be considered for our list, please email us at

Filthy Vegan, Not Just For Vegans

We were invited to the Filthy Vegan by a friend, I had heard good things & had been planning a visit & here was the ideal opportunity.

The cleanliness of the premises with the neutral decor immediately appealed to me. The owner, Kieron Bell was very jovial & welcoming.

The menu offers an array of appealing dishes but as it has been years since having a veggie burger, my mind was set. The burger was incredibly tasty with a nice dash of cumin to give it a slightly spicy taste. The veg was fresh & crispy & I devoured this delight almost instantly.

A great tasting veggie burger with a friendly greeting in a convenient setting, what more could one ask for.

Vegan or not, a visit here is recommended, easily reached in minutes from Bui Vien & the backpacker area.

Filthy Vegan

86 Cô Bắc, Ward, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

0776 810 206

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