saigon Storage Pricing 

Commonly stored items are just 150,000 VND ($6.50) / month.  An item refers to a box, suitcase or a similar sized item as shown below.   

If you are storing a large volume or over 6 months, please contact us for storage by the cubic meter, from just  300,000 VND per month..

Advance payment is required.  Saigon Storage offers storage by the month, these prices are for up to 1 month of storage. 


If you require storage for a few days, please visit our storage locker page.

Further discounts for longer durations & large volumes, please contact us for a personalised storage quotation.

Download our pricing information.

100k - 150k Per Month 

450k VND Per Month

1 Month 700k ₫ ($30)


Transport Fee's

In instances of long duration or large volumes, pick up & delivery will be free.  Airport pick up requires 24hr advance booking, please email us for details.  For a price list & terms of service please email us