saigon Storage Pricing 

Commonly stored items are just 150,000 VND ($6.45) / month.  An item refers to a box, suitcase, luggage etc as shown below.   

If your item is not pictured but is a similar size, the fee is the same.  If you are storing a large volume (15 boxes +) or over 1 year, please contact us for storage by the cubic meter, from just  350,000 VND/cbm per month..

Please note advance payment is required.  Saigon Storage offers storage by the month, these prices are for up to a month of storage. 


If you require storage for a few days, please visit our storage locker page.

Discount 10% if paying 6 months in advance.

Further discounts for longer durations & large amounts, please contact us for a personalised storage quotation.

Download our pricing information.

150,000 VND Each Per Month

1 Month 700k ₫ ($30)

500,000 VND Each Per Month


Transport Fee's (VND)

Airport pick up requires 24hr advance booking, please email us for details. Items can be dropped off at our facility.  

Price list & terms of service